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Do you not take a trip to Izu Peninsula by route bus?
4 course introduces "recommended model course" that can make a round trip of Izu Peninsula by route bus according to genre. Local gourmet, superb view point, charm of Izu Peninsula including historic spot are fully included in model course let alone famous sightseeing spot, and go on a trip according to model course;, too! Plan, and go on a trip for oneself;, too! It is one of the ways of enjoying only by "trip of route bus" to be able to come in contact to slightly deep Izu in the bus inside of car and waiting time of bus. Please enjoy attractive Izu Peninsula.

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Stamp rally

"Trip stamp rally of Izu Peninsula route bus" pushes stamp using route bus while enjoying tour of Izu Peninsula and is rally to collect points. When we reach point of each point prize and apply, we get "trip-limited pin badge (all five kinds) of Izu Peninsula route bus" without exception.

Participation method

1. We get stamp mount!
We purchase "Tokai bus whole line-free ticket" that you can get on and off Tokai bus in Izu Peninsula freely at sale window and get stamp mount.
※In "the Tokai bus whole line furi ticket sale place," please see this.

Stamp rally mount
2. We collect stamps!
We go to stamp setting point (all 30 places) and recruit stamps on stamp mount.
※Points are different every stamp. (three points - five points)

3. We apply for point prize!
When we collect points to each stamp prize and apply, we present "Tokai bus original pin badge" depending on point! Furthermore, we present "Tokai bus original pin badge and pin badge case" by achievement of 100 points!
Stamp rally leaflet

Stamp setting point

The number of the points

Setting point

The number of the points

Setting point
The Tokai bus Atami station square information desk Izu Cruise (Cape Iro-zaki Port)
Atami Onsen hotel inn cooperative
Matsuzaki-cho tourist association
Akao herb & Rose garden

Tokai bus Matsuzaki terminal

The Malin town Ito-shi tourist association information desk Yuzo Kayama museum

The Tokai bus Ito Station yard information desk
Yellow Kanezaki crystal park
Izu cactus park Toi Kanayama
Mount Omuro mountain climbing lift

The Tokai bus Shuzenji station square information desk
Izu-Kogen Station (Sakuranamiki Exit) Shuzenji Niji No Sato
Sightseeing in small Muroyama lift Toda Tourism Association
Sightseeing in Inatori Onsen combination company (the Izuinatori station square) Dance girl teahouse
Izu animal kingdom We go over road station Amagi
The Tokai bus Kawazu station square information desk Izunokuni panorama park
Sightseeing in Kawazu Nanadaru center (we let you cry unit dining room) Mishima skywalk

Izu Cruise (Shimoda Port)
The Tokai bus Mishima station square information desk
Shimoda (Nesugata-yama) ropeway Tokai bus Ohira garage
The Tokai bus Shimoda station square information desk    



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