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Mt.Komuro rest house
The Mt.Komuro sightseeing lift service situation

<sightseeing lift>

 For rainy day, it stops driving. As of 7/7 9:00 (business hours 9:30-16:00)

<rest house restaurant>

 [business day] Every week month, Friday, Saturday and Sunday day (business hours 11:00-14:00)

 [regular holiday] Every week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday day (for the time being)

<the rest house stand, soft serve section>

 It is open as usual. (9:00-16:00)

It is open while taking new coronavirus infection spread preventive measures.

I would like your cooperation.

[preventive measures against infection spread]

■Please cooperate with disinfection of finger with antiseptic solution of setting on visit in wearing of mask, facility entrance and lift getting on and off place.

■As for fever and cough, the shortness of breath with symptom, please refrain from visit.

■As for the that there was heavy contact for and less than 14 days when new corona will infectious disease was diagnosed, please refrain from visit.

<announcement of Mt.Komuro rest house and sightseeing lift business resumption>

We receive decision of some cancellation of this emergency declaration and will reopen business while taking preventive measures against infection spread.

But, for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, applicable customer, please refrain from entrance in facility below.
・Fever and cough, shortness of breath with symptom
・Person who had a diagnosis of new coronavirus infectious disease and that there was heavy contact within 14 days

※On entrance, cooperation of customer including the use of antiseptic solution installing in wearing of mask, facility entrance and lift getting on and off place, please.
※About rest house restaurant, it should be business only for "takeout" for the time being.

As for the Mt.Komuro in the suburbs of Ito Onsen, 4,000 camellias bloom in profusion about 100,000 azaleas from December through April again over the late April and early May. It is about five minutes in lift from san* to the Mt.Komuro mountaintop. 360-degree panorama spreads from Mount Fuji to Izu Islands. At restaurant "azalea bower" of shoshitsusansan*, "willie deep-fried set meal" which made use of local ingredients is very popular.


Customer meal space with pet

Customer accompanying pet can have a meal together on restaurant "seasonal Aya azalea bower" terrace.
In addition, "Mt.Komuro sightseeing lift" can take with small dog (less than 10 kg).

Mt.Komuro Wood deck Komuroyama lift

Restaurant azalea bower menu

Recommended menu
Mt.Komuro original software cream
Azalea taste new summer taste
For each 400 yen (tax-included)

Azalea software

Menu for group

Mt.Komuro sightseeing lift

The time, rate

Business hours Lift
9:30-16:00 year round (but we are suspended at the time of check, stormy weather)
Azalea bower Meal 11:00-14:00 (13:30 order stop)
Cafe 9:30-14:00 (13:30 order stop)
Lift rate [roundtrip] Adult: 500 yen dwarf: 250 yen
[one way] Adult: 300 yen dwarf: 150 yen

Inquiry, traffic

Map Mt.Komuro rest house
〒414-0044 Kawana, Itou-shi, Shizuoka Mt.Komuro 1428
TEL: 0557-45-1444/FAX: 0557-45-1445

It is bus 23 minutes, car 15 minutes from JR Ito Line Ito Station
It is a 20-minute walk from Izu Kyuko Line Kawana Station
It is 15 minutes by car to Lake Ippeki-ko
It is 25 minutes by car to Mount Omuro, Shaboten Koen

From Mt.Komuro
Odawara (50km about 90 minutes)
Tomei Expressway Numazu IC (55km about 80 minutes)
Atami (25km about 40 minutes)
Atagawa (20km about 30 minutes)
Waterfall (35km about 70 minutes) of kiyomeren
Jogasaki (11.5km about 18 minutes)

Umeera  Camellia wine

Amagisan Zuido roll  basukan

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