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[to entered customer ask]

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, I would like cooperation including "the use of antiseptic solution installing in store entrance" "wearing of mask" on entering a shop.
In addition, as for the applicable customer, please refrain from entering a shop below.
・Fever and cough, shortness of breath with symptom
・Person who had a diagnosis of new coronavirus infectious disease and that there was heavy contact within 14 days

Odorikojaya"Odorikojaya" is folk handicraft-like soil from place in "Amagi Joren no Taki" which was chosen as 100 selections of Japanese waterfalls Parking. As you have souvenir associated with well-established Japanese confectionery, marine products, wasabi of Izu, Izu including tea-related product other than orange-related product including original product "Amagisan Zuido roll" using orange in much new summer in new summer made specially in Izu much in shop, please drop in by all means.



Store name Amagi Joren no Taki Odorikojaya
Holiday of July It is ・ on Monday on Friday, 13th for Tuesday, ten days for Monday, seven days for Friday, six days for three days
It is Friday on Monday, 31st for Thursday, 27 days for Monday, 23 days for Friday, 20 days for 17 days
Business hours 9:00-16:00
Address 2860-56, Yugashima, Izu-shi, Shizuoka
Phone number 0558-85-1284
FAX 0558-85-2336

Traffic access

Odorikojaya map
●Train, bus in the case of the use
Is Tokai bus than Izuhakone Railway Shuzenji Station; 33 minutes
Is Tokai bus than Izukyu Kawazu Station; 40 minutes
Getting off at "Joren no Taki" bus stop is immediate

●Car in the case of the use
The Tomei Expressway
From Numazu IC 45km80 minute
It is 35km, about 70 minutes from Shimoda
It is 35km, about 70 minutes from Ito
※There is free Parking

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Amagisan Zuido roll Umeera