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Domestic offer type plan trip terms and conditions book

♠Please read this trip condition book on application by all means.

♠As for this trip condition book, it is a part of terms and conditions explanation document to set of 4 of Travel Agent Act Article 12 and contract document of place to set of 5 of law Article 12.

1. Plan trip contract

(1)Tokai Jidosha (Tokai bus travel is popular name as follows with "us") is trip to plan, plan to raise, and to carry out, and, as for this trip, customer participating in this trip will conclude us and trip to plan contract (called "trip contract" as follows). Contents, condition of trip contract depends on trip itinerary and our "travel agency article" (part of plan trip contract) (called "plan trip article" as follows) other than condition listed for each course of offer advertisement (brochures) in current trip condition book, last.

2. Completion of application method of trip and contract

(1)In the case of application, you fill in predetermined matter on our predetermined application by visit, and you attach the total amount of the following application fees or tour costs for 1 other people, and please propose. It deals with application fee as each some tour costs, cancellation fee or breach of promise charges.
Tour costs Less than 30,000 yen 30,000 yen or more
  Less than 60,000 yen
60,000 yen or more
  Less than 100,000 yen
100,000 yen or more
  Less than 150,000 yen
150,000 yen or more
Application fee 6,000 yen 12,000 yen 20,000 yen 30,000 yen 20% of price
(2)In the case of making a reservation, submission of application and payment of application fee are necessary for means of communication such as telephones within three days from the next day of day when we consented to reservation.
(3)1.4 that hurt their health 3 elderly person, having obstacle to body 2 pregnant, 5, please report so to needing special consideration of and others of assistance dog user. We accept this in possible range. In addition, based on proposal from customer, we do expense required for special measures that we took measures for customer with burden on customer.
(4)People under 20 come to need written consent of pro-incarnation at the time of application. People under 15 may be subject to company of protector.
(5)Trip condition with customer that the conclusion of trip contract is hoped for by communication contract
  1. Than card member (is called "member" as follows) of credit card company (is called "partner company" as follows) where we cooperate in 1 us without signature of member of tour costs, subject to receiving payment partly (application fee) (is called "communication contract" as follows), may conclude telephone, mail, trip contract by facsimile or other means of communication. But there are not partner company and member shop contract including no signature handling special contract or we may not accept for on-the-job reasons.
  2. We add on "the departure date", and, on application for 2 communication contracts, as for the member, "member number", please offer "card expiration date" to us "card name" "name of plan trip" that we are going to apply for.
  3. When we issued notice of consenting to the conclusion of contract, 3 communication contracts are established. But it is established when we perform notice of consenting to application for contract concerned on email, FAX, answering machine when the notice concerned arrived at member.
  4. We do with day when member and we should carry out payment such as tour costs based on plan trip contract or refund debt, and, in the case of the former, in the case of the latter, it is "use of card sunlight" by 4 communication contracts on day that there was of proposal of contract cancellation on contract establishment day.

3. Tour costs

(1)It is destiny particularly; when there is not, is based on the trip start date; and;, as for people 12 years or older, as for the adult price, 6 years or older (3 years or older as for use of plane course) people under 12, it is the child price.
(2)The one room addition price is adult, child one law, the price for one person.

4. The additional price

With the additional price, we say the price to add by choice, choice of (2) airmail, choice of class of (3) plane, staying in (4) Hotel-designated choice, the (5) one room addition price, the accommodation price by (6) extension of stay, choice in (7) weekdays, day before holiday, choice on departure from (8), return day for (1) airline.

5. Standard tour costs

Application fee, cancellation fee, tour costs to become standard of calculation of change compensation money say the price that they included additional tour costs in.

6. Change of trip contract contents, the price

(1)When reason that cannot participate of offer or other us of carrying service not to depend on natural calamity in heaven and earth, war, riot, cancellation of service offers such as transport, accommodation organizations, order of public office, original navigation plan occurs, we may change contract contents. In addition, we may change tour costs with the change. When there is revision of fare, rate of transport engine to be largely beyond degree that is usually expected by change of remarkable economic situation, and to use, we may change tour costs. In the case of increase, we reckon from the day before of the trip start date and we sail up and will tell before the day equal to the 15th day.
(2)When it was in other customer one rooms as one of customer whom we proposed to by plural number in trip saying that we charge the one room addition price from customer using one room in the case of application by the odd number number of people canceled contract, we charge cancellation fee from customer who canceled contract and charge the one room addition price from customer using one room.

7. When it takes cancellation fee (cancellation of trip contract by customer)

(1)When trip is canceled by convenience of customer after the completion of trip contract, you are expected to pay cancellation fee of rate of the following tables for one for tour costs.
Other than accommodation plan
Cancellation day division Accommodation trip belonging to Day trip
You reckon from the day before of the trip start date, and date back (1)Cancellation before day equal to the 21st day Free of charge -
Cancellation before day equal to the eleventh day - Free of charge
(2)Cancellation (3) - (6) after day equal to the 20th day is excluded 20% of tour costs -
Cancellation after day equal to the tenth day - 20% of tour costs
(3)Cancellation (4) - (6) after day equal to the seventh day is excluded 30% of tour costs
(4)Cancellation of the day before of the trip start date 40% of tour costs
(5)Cancellation of the day of the trip start date 50% of tour costs
(6)In the case of cancellation after trip start or disconnection nonparticipation 100% of tour costs
In the case of accommodation plan
The reservation staff Cancellation rate
Non-night On the day The day before The second day The third day The fourth day The fifth day The sixth day The seventh day Before from 8 to 14
1 to 14 persons 100% 50% 20% Free of charge
15 to 30 persons 100% 50% 20% Free of charge
More than 31 people 100% 50% 30% 20% 10%
(2)In the case of cancellation by reasons such as the handling of few various loans, please pay the cancellation fee mentioned above with our responsibility.
(3)Tour costs targeted for cancellation fee are net totals that increased the additional price of Paragraph 4 to the tour costs mentioned above.

8. When it does not take cancellation fee (cancellation of trip contract by customer)

In the case of the following, we do not have cancellation fee. (some illustrations)

(1)When important change that we exemplified in trip contract contents below was carried out.
  1. Change after 1 trip start date or end
  2. Sightseeing spot, tourist facility, change of destination of other trips that 2 enters
  3. Change of type of 3 transport organization or company name
  4. Change to lower thing of facilities of 4 transport organization and class
  5. Change to different flight of airport as the sightseeing start ground in 5 this country or airport as the trip end ground
  6. Change to connecting flight or way service of direct flight between 6 this country and this country outside
  7. Change of type of 7 accommodation organization or name
  8. Type, facilities of guest room of 8 accommodation organization, change of condition of scenery or other guest rooms
(2)When tour costs are increased
(3)When we do not issue decision itinerary by scheduled day
(4)When, by reason that should come to our responsibility, conduct according to original travel schedule became impossible.

9. Cancellation of trip contract by us

In the case of next, we may remove trip contract. (some illustrations)

(1)When you cannot pay tour costs by date.
(2)Of application condition is incompatible.
(3)When smooth conduct of trip is impossible by disease, trouble and others to group action.

10. Our responsibility

When we or arrangement caretaker damaged customer, we will repair the damage. As a general rule, as for the compensation limit to be related to baggage, the following case does not take responsibility of 150000 yen per person (but it is not this limit when there is intention or gross negligence in us.) again. When customer suffered damage by reason that natural calamity in heaven and earth, war, riot, transport, cancellation of trip service offer of accommodation organization, order or other we of public office or arrangement caretaker could not participate in.

11. Special compensation

While customer goes on our trip in us and participates, travel agency article pays damage compensation money (for 150,000 yen limit) (but as for the compensation limit about one or one pair 100,000 yen) to suffer from 10,000 yen - 50,000 yen, baggage as 20,000 yen - 200,000 yen, going to hospital ex gratia payment as 15 million yen, hospitalization ex gratia payment as the death compensation money by compensation official regulations in particular by the going to hospital days by the hospitalization days to life, body or baggage about the constant damage that we put on by sudden and accidental foreign accident. But we do not do during "our trip participation" only when we show the effect that compensation money pays about the damage that customer put on on that date about day when it was shown clearly that offer of trip service by our arrangement is not performed at all and is not broken clearly in the itinerary.

12. Travel schedule insurance

When change to publish to list shown below in travel schedule is carried out, we pay change compensation money of sum that multiplied rate to set of list shown below by tour costs depending on contents of the change by regulations of travel agency article (part of plan trip contract). But frame of change compensation money to pay about 1 trip contract, and to be broken does 15% of tour costs with limit. In addition, we do not pay change compensation money when sum of change compensation money about 1 trip contract is less than 1,000 yen. Tour costs to become calculation standard of change compensation money are net totals that added the addition price for Paragraph 4 to tour costs of indication in offer advertisement or brochure.

Change that payment of change compensation money is necessary for Rate (%) per one
It is before trip start After the trip start
(1)Change of the trip start date when we listed in contract document or trip end day 1.5 3.0
(2)Change of destination of sightseeing spot to enter which we listed in contract document or tourist facility (we include restaurant) or other trips 1.0 2.0
(3) Class of transport organization that we listed in contract document or change (when it was less than that of class after change and class that net total of lower rate of facilities listed in contract document and facilities, we limit.) to thing of lower rate of facilities 1.0 2.0
(4) Change of type of transport organization that we listed in contract document or company name 1.0 2.0
(5)Change to different flight of airport as the trip start ground in this country which we listed in contract document or airport as the end of the trip place 1.0 2.0
(6)Change to connecting flight or way service of direct flight between this country and this country outside that we listed in contract document 1.0 2.0
(7)Change of type of accommodation organization that we listed in contract document or name 1.0 2.0
(8)Type, facilities of guest room of accommodation organization that we listed in contract document, change of condition of scenery or other guest rooms 1.0 2.0
(9)Change of matter which mention was in tour title of contract document among changes to advocate to each front issue 2.5 5.0
When change occurred between between mention contents of brochure and mention contents of decision document or mention contents of decision document and contents of trip service that was actually provided, note 1 handles for one in each change.
We apply rate of (9) without note 2 applying rate of (1) - (8) about change to raise in (9).
In the case of transport organization, in the case of accommodation organization, in the case of other trip services, we do with one case for each 1 pertinence matter for each 1 ride ship with matter every night at note 3:1.
Even if plural number occurs in getting on at 1 ship or nights, or change to raise in (4)(7)(8) handles getting on at 1 ship as 1 change note 4 per night.
When transport engine which note 5 raises in (3)(4) is accompanied by the use of accommodations, we handle for one per night.
Note 6 says thing accompanied with change of transport, accommodation engine itself about change of company name of (4) transport engine, change of name of (7) accommodation engine.
When note 7 is accompanied by change to higher thing of class or facilities about change of company name of (4) transport engine, we do not apply.

13. Responsibility of customer

When we suffered damage by intention of customer or fault, the customer concerned must compensate for the damage. Customer utilizes information provided by us and must act to understand contents of trip to right, duty and others plan contract of tourist listed in contract document. When we recognized that it is different from mention contents about trip service listed in contract document after the trip start, customer must offer so to us or trip service provider in destination immediately.

14. Change of customer

When we consent, customers can be changed by being expected to pay the actual expenses.

15. About participation to domestic travel insurance

When we get sick during trip and are hurt, it may take a large amount of treatment costs, transportation costs. In addition, in the case of accident, request to assailant for compensation for damages and collection of indemnification may be very difficult. We recommend that we take out domestic travel synthesis insurance of enough sums in you to secure these. Please refer to salesperson of application shop for domestic travel synthesis insurance.

16. About proposal such as accidents

When accidents occur during trip, please notify contact information to tell about with the last itinerary promptly. (please notify when there are circumstances that we cannot notify of as soon as the circumstances disappear.)

17. About the handling of personal information

(1)About personal information listed in application submitted in the case of trip application, we use for contact between customer, and customer uses us and our trust travel agent in the trip that had you propose as far as it is necessary for procedure for the receipt of service arrangement to provide such as transport, accommodation engine and those services.
It is us and our trust travel agent hadeha, products and service of company cooperating with company and company 1, information for campaign besides again. 2.It is asked for offer of opinion after trip participation and impression. 3.It is asked for questionnaire. 4.Offer of privilege service. 5.For making of statistics material, we may use personal information of customer.
(2)We will provide for arrangement of trip that had you apply by sending full name, address, phone number of customer or e-mail address to transport, accommodation organizations and arrangement caretaker (limited when needed.) by beforehand electronic methods.

18. About offer type plan trip contract article

Matter that this condition does not have fate depends on our travel agency article (part of offer type plan trip contract).

Please request wanting our travel agency article from us.

You can see our travel agency article from this site.

19. Others

(1)With tour costs to say to each issue of this condition book, we say tour costs and amount of money of participation course that we displayed and amount of money that we displayed as the addition price for course concerned or the discount price to offer advertisement or brochure. This total amount of money becomes standard when we calculate application fee of Paragraph 2, cancellation fee of Paragraph 7, sum of change compensation money of Paragraph 12.
(2)Please bear to customer about guidance that customer is personal, injury of customer, miscellaneous expenses accompanied with outbreak such as illness for miscellaneous expenses with that when shopping was asked for by tour conductor, loss of baggage, valuables by carelessness of customer, miscellaneous expenses to be accompanied by such as collections of thing left behind and expense that you needed for the other action.
(3)You may lead to souvenir shop to provide facility for customer, but please purchase by responsibility of customer on shopping.
(4)We do not do re-conduct of trip under any circumstance.

When alcoholic beverage, dishes, other services are added customer in inn, the hotel, as a general rule, we are assigned to consumption tax.

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