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The type of job that we are raising now

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Grad hiring (career-track employees)

Qualification New college graduate (person planning March, 2021 graduation from university)
※I would like entry than Mynavi 2021.

Mynavi 2021

Driver (Tokai transportation)

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1st of driver

Mechanic (Tokai vehicle service)

The type of job Mechanic
Qualification Person who has the automotive internist third grade, the automotive internist second grade
Salary Total supply monthly basis 159,000 yen - 226,500 yen (by our official regulations)
Service Various social insurance participation
Work location Headquarters factory, Numazu factory
Holiday 92 days a year (Sundays and holidays others)
Existence free for paid vacation, special rest
Application At first, please feel free to contact

[as for, asking]
TEL 0557-45-5961 (weekdays 8:45-17:00)

Odakyu Atami, Hakone refreshment club (person in charge of hall staff, kitchen)

Summary We publish in job offer site "Odakyu job search" of Odakyu Electric Railway.
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Mynavi 2019

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