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Part of trip consultation contract


Article 1
Trip consultation contract that we conclude between tourist moves to place that this article determines. About matter that this article does not have fate, it depends on laws and ordinances or custom established generally.
When 2 we are not against laws and ordinances and we concluded special contract by document against tourist as far as there is not, regardless of regulations of foregoing paragraph, the special contract gives priority to.

(definition of trip consultation contract)

Article 2
We reduce that we receive the trip duties handling rate for consultation (called "consultation rate" as follows.) to its lowest terms with "trip consultation contract" in this article and say contract to undertake that we work to raise by trust of tourist next.
Advice necessary for one tourist to make plan of trip
Making of plan of two trips
Estimate of expense necessary for three trips
Reporting about four trips place and transport, accommodation organization
Advice necessary for five or other trips and reporting

(completion of contract)

Article 3
Tourist who is going to conclude trip consultation contract with us must submit application which we filled in predetermined matter on to us.
We consent to the conclusion of contract, and 2 trip consultation contracts shall be established when they accepted application of foregoing paragraph.
3 we may accept telephone, mail, application of trip consultation contract by facsimile or other means of communication regardless of regulations of former Paragraph 2 without receiving submission of application. In this case, trip consultation contract shall be established when we consented to the conclusion of contract.
When there is on-the-job convenience or when consultation content of tourist might violate laws and ordinances enforced in against the public order and morals or trip place, 4 we may not accept the conclusion of trip consultation contract.

(consultation rate)

Article 4
When we conducted affairs to advocate in Article 2, tourist must pay our predetermined consultation rate to us by date that we set.

(our responsibility)

Article 5
When we damaged tourist by intention or fault in observance of a contract of trip consultation contract, we appoint the damage for responsibility to repair. But we reckon from the next day of the damage occurrence and limit when there was notice for us within June.
2 we do not actually guarantee that arrangement is possible about transport, accommodation organizations that we listed in plan of trip that we made. Therefore, we do not take the responsibility even if we were not able to make a contract providing service about transport that the engine concerned provides by reasons such as the crowdedness between transport, accommodation organizations, accommodation or other trips.

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