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Contract transportation

Contract bus is so convenient

  • As commuting bus
    Because it is going straight, commuting time is shortened to ... company by commuting of employees. As it is suited convenience at the service time, we can omit useless time such as waiting time. In addition, it is reduced commuting costs, parking lot contract costs.

  • As attending school bus
    Point important to convenience of attending school for school! If attending school takes its ease, students contain power for club activities for study, too.

  • As pickup and drop-off to facility
    We take to and from the accommodations, tourist facility, amusement complex, use facility from the nearest station!
    We solve bad condition of being located such as being far from station, residential area. It leads to commercial domain expansion, and it is improved the number of visitors, sales largely by pick-up bus introduction! In addition, lack of parking lot is dissolved, too and leads to reduction of parking lot contract costs.

Type of bus

Large car
Large car
Medium-sized car
Medium-sized car
Compact car
Compact car
※There is type of bus as well as published thing

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