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Privacy policy

Tokai Jidosha and the companies (please refer to the end for list of company names.concerned "We") respects personal dignity as follows and is thinking that it is social duty in company activity to observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection and social order. We establish privacy policy (following "policy") as follows, and, according to this policy, officer and employee deal with personal information appropriately, and they declare management, thing maintaining.
We decide to point to information that can distinguish customer, and "personal information" is information such as full name, age, the date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, address, the office of customer, the situation of family and shall mean information that can identify customer individual by combination of one or more of these.

Ⅰ. Bedrock
 1. Prohibition of clear statement of use purpose and the use out of the purpose
As we may visit personal information of customer in the case of next, we hope that we have you provide for your will. With that case

・Application for reservation of product (including commuter pass, coupon, trip connection and other products, services) and purchase, free sample, monitor
・The use of various services that we develop business
・Various questionary survey
・Application and participation in event
・Registration of membership system service
We do in this (following "service"). When it is not hoped to offer personal information to us, customer cannot offer personal information by your judgment. But we may not offer the service concerned when personal information is essential for offer of service.
Use purpose of personal information that we acquired by fair means,

・Delivery of product and information that customer was ordered from and handing over
・Confirmation that is indispensable when customer offers proposed services and guidance
・Offer of information that we judged to help customer
・When it was necessary to contact customer or customer family (contact information)
・Offer good service by customer, more satisfactory oitadakutameno
To perform marketing analysis and product, service development
 We limit to nadotosaseteitadaki, the use within the purpose. When it is necessary to use personal information of customer across objective range that we stated clearly when we have you offer personal information from customer, I will inform customer the purpose beforehand. When you cannot agree to the new use, by your judgment, we can refuse such use.
[use purpose as agency of insurance company]

We run insurance agency duties at the same time and we receive trust of insurance duties from insurance company and use personal information that we acquired in range that is necessary for accomplishment of the duties concerned. In addition, we may use personal information that we acquired to suggest product, service of insurance company with business. Use purpose of insurance company entrusting with insurance offer duties for us is listed in homepage (the following) of the insurance company concerned.
<insurance company with us and business>
Aioi NISSEI Dowa insurance against loss insurance (
 2.Non-disclosure, non-offer to third party
 We disclose or do not offer personal information that had you provide from customer to third party except the following case basically.

・When there is agreement of customer
・When we use personal information jointly according to Clause 3
・When we entrust outside supplier who ships offer, product of sale, campaign and prize of product or prize, and concluded non-disclosure contract beforehand with duties
・When we show information necessary for financial institution by the credit card settlement in price for product, service payment
・When disclosure of personal information is demanded by legal orders
・When succession of business is carried out by merger, spin-off, business transfer or other reasons
In addition, we may announce count result that handled personal information statistically, but information that can distinguish individual customers is not included in this.
 3.The joint use
 We think that we can meet request of customer precisely by taking organic and mobile cooperation between the Tokai group companies of following (4). Based on this thought, personal information of customer whom we hold may use following (4) according to the following as joint user jointly. In addition, we do not use jointly about items where we notified of not using jointly when we have you offer personal information from customer directly.

(1) Use purpose of joint user
It is within Clause 1 mention
(2) Item of personal information to use jointly
Only in the item of range necessary for the name, address, the date of birth, each use purpose of Clause 1 including phone number
(3) Person who has responsibility about management of personal information
Chairperson at Tokai group personal information protection Committee
(4) Joint user
Tokai Jidosha Tokai, Izu bus Tokai, Minamiizu bus
Tokai, Nishi-Izu bus SHINTO Sea bus Numazu mountain climbing Tokai bus
Tokai transportation  
 4.Severe appropriate management
Our personal information to hold is managed severely. For unauthorized access to personal information and theft, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak of personal information, we perform management of ID, password, thorough preservation, management, disposal rule observance of personal information and act for the prevention. We confirm by carrying out periodical inspection in the company about the practice situation grasp. In addition, validity of these measures itself ensures the security of information regularly in review, the future, too. In addition, we hope that we have you confirm regularly as we may review this policy with this.
In addition, we establish the compliance (laws and ordinances, the prescribed observance in the company) system company-wide by our devising compliance program including personal information protection to try for laws and ordinances about personal information, the observance of industry guidelines, and carrying out this thoroughly through employee education.
Ⅱ. Inquiry
 When question, inquiry about other personal information occurs when personal information of case and customer that customer wants to be confirmed in about your personal information includes error and change, please contact the following we customer service. We revise news or incorrect or old information to customer or delete personal information of customer keeping in us only when, as a general rule, we do with written correspondence and can confirm that it is you in us to prevent manipulation of personal information of customer by omission and third party of personal information of customer to third party.
In addition, accident consultation desk of insurance policy mention can inquire about inquiry about insurance accident, too.
Tokai Jidosha and the companies (the Tokai group companies applying this policy) concerned
Tokai Jidosha

The carryall business companies

Tokai, Izu bus Tokai, Minamiizu bus Tokai, Nishi-Izu bus
SHINTO Sea bus Numazu mountain climbing Tokai bus
It is the company other than carryall business

Tokai transportation  
We establish and shall announce policy individually about the Tokai group companies which we do not list here.
July 1, 2005 establishment
Tokai Jidosha
President Fumiya Ishii
<customer service of the companies>
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