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Sightseeing in small Muroyama lift
The sightseeing in small Muroyama lift service situation

It travels as usual.

Mountaintop photograph
Small Muroyama rest house Komuro, Tokai Shrine

Small Muroyama mountaintop scenery

The prospects of the mountains of peak of Amagi open refreshingly to islands, the west of Izu at Boso Peninsula, the Oshima beginning whether it forms on Gulf of Sagami, the south where boat with a white sail floats to Fuji, the east to the north from the small Muroyama mountaintop. In flowers which are full of bright green and color, please enjoy 360-degree large panorama.
※We can move arrow of right and left 360 degrees with mouse when we click.

Small Muroyama panorama


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Wood deck, promenade

Wood deck, promenade were completed on the small Muroyama mountaintop. Please enjoy view from Wood deck.

Small Muroyama Wood deck Small Muroyama Wood deck

To customer accompanying pet

We can take with small dog (less than 10 kg). In addition, at foot of a mountain "seasonal Aya azalea bower," we can have a meal together on terrace for customers of pet companion.

Small Muroyama Wood deck Small Muroyama Wood deck

We appear on the small Muroyama mountaintop!

We installed specimen display of volcanic ashes stratum in the one small Muroyama mountaintop of Izu Peninsula geo-site. This stratum is discovered accidentally in the construction spot of Futo, and "Ito who waits for NPO corporation, and does not come" gets cooperation of "Ito nature guide" and strips off, and Izu Peninsula Geopark promotion meeting carries out work. In addition, it is valuable document that the history of eruption of volcano for 40,000 years when we got up in Ito-shi is found at first sight.
We can observe constitution of Izu-tobu Volcanic Group concretely while actually seeing the neighboring topography which place of each volcano in specimen display and these volcanoes created from the small Muroyama mountaintop.

Stratum specimen which understands the history of Izu-tobu Volcanic Group 40,000 years

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Business hours, lift rate

Period Business hours
From March 16 to May 15 From 8:30 to 16:30
From May 16 to September 15 From 9:30 to 16:00
From September 16 to November 15 From 9:00 to 16:00
From November 16 to March 15 From 9:30 to 16:00
※Year round (we cancel driving in rainy day)


Adult Round-trip 470 yen (one-way 240 yen)
Child Round-trip 240 yen (one-way 120 yen)
※As for adult, child becomes primary schoolchild more than junior high student.
※Child of preschool child becomes ride with adult.
The small Muroyama height above the sea level: 321m
The time required: Approximately five minutes (one way)
Capacity: One person

"Inlay Museum in the second floor of mountaintop observation deck floor - of chamber Yamamori"

Adult (12 years old or older) 300 yen
Child (primary schoolchild) 150 yen
Set rate with sightseeing in small Muroyama lift round-trip ticket
Adult (12 years old or older) 600 yen
Child (primary schoolchild) 300 yen

★... recommendation ...★
As for the use, roundtrip ticket + sightseeing lift roundtrip ticket + inlay art museum admission ticket of bus was bundled by bus from Ito Station; is convenient, and is advantageous; "small Muroyama, please use lacking decision ticket particularly". We are selling at JR Ito station square window!
Rate: Adult 1,200 yen 600 yen for children

Business hours: From 9:30 to 16:00 (as for the last admission 15:30)
Regular holiday :The every month second, fourth Wednesday ※We are closed at the time of lift suspension

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Walking map

Walking course not to cross small Muroyama in the starting point, and to enjoy Izu immediate Kawana Station and Ito commercial high school bus stop. Leisurely as for the walk! As for the small Muroyama exploration! In Nature, let's go to find new impression and discovery!

Small Muroyama walking map downloading (PDF file)
  Walking map downloading

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Annual event

January First sunrise of a new year, chamber Shrine New Year's Day festival
February Camellia admiration society
March Cherry tree flowering
Late April and early May azalea festival
May May 5 Children's Day (lift for free)
From the end of July to August 31 summer vacation event
Mid-September and mid-October autumn event "viewing the moon party"
End of October or beginning of November lift festival, sketch meet
※Please note that you may change schedule, contents.
Azalea soft serve discount coupon Lift discount coupon

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Traffic, access


Tomei Expressway Atsugi IC (75km, approximately 120 minutes)
Odawara (50km, approximately 90 minutes)
Tomei Expressway Numazu IC (55km, approximately 80 minutes)
Atami (25km, approximately 40 minutes)
Atagawa (20km, approximately 30 minutes)
Waterfall (35km, approximately 70 minutes) of kiyomehasu
Jogasaki (11.5km, approximately 18 minutes)

Small Muroyama rest house


 Sightseeing in small Muroyama lift
TEL 0557-45-1444 FAX 0557-45-1445
〒Mt. 414-0044 Komuro, Kawana, Itou-shi, Shizuoka 1428
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