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Orange tour

On Tokai bus orange tour, we carry out new coronavirus infectious disease measures,
①We make a definite promise of neighboring vacant seat
②Company of tour conductor
③Tour in conformity with new coronavirus measures guidelines by association of travel agency
We dissolve anxiety of customer in this even a little more and greet in "form of new trip" to be able to enjoy trip in peace.

We support now! fujinokuni! Form of new trip to begin in here

Ito, Atami, Shuzenji, course departing from and arriving at Ohito

To customer of participation. When you apply, please read by all means.

Customer of participation would like submission of "report about new coronavirus infectious disease" on the day of the trip. You download report documents than the following button and fill in the requirements, and on the day please submit to tour conductor.
We take temperature at the time of ride.

Report about new coronavirus infectious disease
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Information for application

Inquiry, application window Tokai bus travel tourist bureau
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Please read before becoming trip condition application