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Orange tour

To window following as for inquiry, the application

Tokai bus travel tourist bureau

Window name Phone number Business hours Holiday
Ito tourist bureau 0557-36-0415 9:30-18:00 (soil 17:00) Sunday/Holiday
New Year holidays
Shimoda tourist bureau 0558-22-2511 9:00-17:30 Year round
Mishima tourist bureau 055-975-0196 8:00-17:00
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays - 16:00)
New Year holidays
Numazu tourist bureau 055-963-5221 9:00-18:00 (soil 17:00) Sunday/Holiday
New Year holidays
The head office trip sales department 0557-38-6660 9:30-18:00 Saturday and Sunday, celebration
New Year holidays

The Tokai bus group companies

Window name Phone number Business hours Holiday
The Atami station square 0557-81-3521 9:00-17:30 On Wednesday
ihigashiogi 0557-37-5121 9:00-17:00 Year round
Kisami, Shimoda 0558-22-2514 8:30-16:45 Year round
Matsuzaki 0558-42-1190 9:00-17:30 Year round
The Shuzenji station square 0558-72-5990 8:00-17:00 Year round
Numazu Ohira 055-935-6611 8:30-17:00 Year round
Bus sales department 0557-36-1112 9:00-17:40 Saturday and Sunday, celebration
New Year holidays

Attention that we deal with the orange tour use

Please read before becoming trip condition application

Tokai bus travel (Tokai Jidosha) carries out trip plan, offer, and Tokai bus orange tour is trip to plan to sell, and customer participating in this trip will conclude Tokai bus travel and trip to offer type plan contract. As for the trip condition, decision documents such as the following condition, the last itinerary depend on Tokai bus travel "travel agency article" (part of offer type plan trip contract) other than condition published for each course again.

(1) Application adds 20% or more of tour costs (or tour costs) in the domestic travel, and apply. In addition, please pay 30,000 yen in the overseas travel. In addition, please pay the money left over within ten days before the departure date. (application fee allots to a part of tour costs, the cancellation fee.)
(2) Application over telephone, please pay application fee (or tour costs) within three days from the next day of day when we consented to reservation.
It should be to tour costs and has meal charges, visit charges that we stated clearly in transportation expenses, itinerary during group action, o. We compensate traveling life accident for uniformity by special compensation regulations of article.
Tour costs do not include personal expense (cleaning charges, telegram, telephone bill, souvenir picture charges) and optional tour charges, private room addition charges.
Room in case of accommodation of mention in particular should be as far as there is not; and between according to man and woman or couples share the room.
In the case of minimum passenger count (less than 25 people), we may ask for cancellation of trip or change of the departure date.
In the course that tour conductor is accompanied by, there is mention of "tour conductor company" in the course concerned.
We do not suffer responsibility of compensation about the damage that occurred by responsibility except us including the damage that occurred by the damage that we produced by unavoidable reasons such as natural calamities in heaven and earth and intentional fault of customer and act to be against laws and ordinances, public order and morals.
About overseas travel, we accept travel expense, the airport fee, departure tax of each country, fuel surcharge separately. In addition, you are expected to pay the travel procedure indispensability actual expenses other than predetermined cancellation fee when travel procedure starts or it has been already finished at the time of cancellation.
Please identify trip condition book to hand separately as home and abroad trip.
Customer pays cancellation fee to set as follows and can cancel trip contract. But we accept proposal of contract cancellation within our business hours.

Domestic travel
20 days ago ... eight days ago 
(as for getting and back in a day ten days ago ... eight days ago)
Seven days ago ... two days ago 30%
The day before 40%
On the day 50%
It is disconnection nonparticipation after the trip start 100%

Overseas travel
30 days ago ... three days ago Less than 20%
It is before two days ago ... trip start Less than 50%
After the trip start Less than 100%

※We reckon from the day before of the trip start date