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apidegifutopuraza Ito

As there is gift adviser by all means in shop, we do help that we change feeling of your thanks into "form", and notice does.
Product offers selectable customer salon while relaxing slowly.

"Carefully by conversation with customer"

  It is ... for thanks for felicitous event

Delivery, the Seven-Five-Three Festival, the first Boy's Festival, entrance to school, entrance into a school of higher grade, employment, adult, comfortableness, new construction, longevity

It is ... with feeling of thankfulness

Reciprocal funeral present, anniversary memorial service Buddhist memorial service to give for thanks for kindness for individual with feeling of thankfulness

Membership benefit

Reward card, discount
Camellia wine
It is wine of "camellia" which pickled flower tree "camellia" of Ito-shi. Ito-limited original article (1,100 number of the annual sale limits)

Catalogue gift
Souvenir, PR product
Catalogue gift is most suitable if troubled with present. Present gift that that person whom you to give were given becomes nice smile.
We make souvenir of festival, souvenir of athletic meet, PR product with company name.


In apidegifutopuraza Ito, we show around product which has been loved for many years by all of you. Please use right or wrong including midsummer gift and the year-end present.


Address 16-2, Higashimatsubaracho, Itou-shi, Shizuoka
Phone number 0120-059-096
Business hours From 10:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday Sunday and the year-end and New Year holidays
Parking lot Three store side, Honcho parking parking lot existence

Give birth; gills   Use of camellia wine chamber Yamasan camellia

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