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"shinkamitsukanchu Umeera!" Thank you, this is the tenth anniversary!

"shinkamitsukanchu Umeera!" This just reached the tenth year from the release on December 23, 2019.
We sincerely offer my gratitude for this with your grace having you usually drink "Umeera!" habitually more entirely.

Umeera! It is secret of taste of this
"Refreshing flavor" that nature material brings
We use "new summer orange" made specially in Izu that Nature brought up generously. You can enjoy "refreshing flavor" of citrus fruit which good-quality nature material brings.
Taste that "we went berserk", and noaru did "clearly"
We pursued taste that "we went berserk", and noaru did "clearly" that wore well by traditional technique of ten thousand University brewing which was Yui Izu's best warehouseman.
"Pure water" of deep sea 800m Izu deep-ocean water
We use "pure" "Izu deep-ocean water" which we break and drew from deep sea 800m in water. We drew characteristic of "new summer orange" to the maximum.
Umeera! Look at CM of this

Umeera! Is delicious of this; drink; person
With water  
    With water is recommended to person who is dynamic, and wants to drink glub-glub. Umeera! 6: Ratio of water 4 is basic, but please regulate deepness by preference.
With hot water  
    When it enjoys with hot water, it is basic that pours "Umeera!" after pouring hot water into glass earlier. Orangery stands up softly in new summer when we do it this way and becomes mellow taste. Low around 85 degrees of temperature is easy to drink than boiling water, and hot water to use is most suitable. Umeera! 6: We just drink when we break in the ratio of hot water 4 and become temperature of the time.
On the rocks  
    "Umeera!" On the rocks is most suitable for this and can just enjoy flavor of orange in refreshing taste and new summer. You put large ice in the glass, and please pour "Umeera!" to hit ice. Please enjoy state that ice melts slowly, and taste changes.
With soda  
    It is how to drink recommendation in the summer when orangery splits open with bubble of carbonic acid in new summer. Even person who does not like liquor is easy to drink and can enjoy.
<a little help recipe>
We can enjoy fruity taste and flavor even more when we let some fruit juice of orange in new summer. Please try!

Inner 720 ml in capacity

Sales price 1,470 yen (tax-included)

※ Postage, COD fees

300 ml in capacity

Sales price 660 yen (tax-included)

※ Postage, COD fees

The handling store: Apide gift plaza ItoMt.Komuro rest houseOdorikojaya

We do not sell alcoholic beverage to minor.
※I ask the date of birth for age confirmation. Thank you for your understanding.
※We may ask for submission of certificate which can identify age. Thank you for your understanding.

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