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Under "safiru Odoriko" lapping bus service! On periodical sightseeing bus "visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus", we are operating service of morning course, afternoon course by new resort train "safiru Odoriko" of JR East lapping bus now. When you visited Shimoda, please take by all means.
It is this for more information about "safiru Odoriko" design lapping bus
The "safiru Odoriko" lapping bus service situation

As for the visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus, course becomes suspension for the time being together in the afternoon the morning.

About stop of suspension of periodical sightseeing bus and reservation

You come to be able to make a reservation of the Internet reservation of periodical sightseeing bus "visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus" in departure orainetto until one hour before bus service. In addition, we are going to cope with the settlement (credit card) or the convenience store settlement on the Internet in future.

Service & Internet reservation is possible by "safiru Odoriko" design lapping bus on visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus until the day!

Visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus

Visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus K course
Island, Ebisu Island "and the land, the sea of K course" mystery are empty and rotate! Whole Shimoda enjoyment

Standard course over history of the foundation of a country.
It is course that you can thoroughly enjoy in short time.

Service period: 9/1-12/19, 3/11-5/31, 7/1-7/15
Visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus R course
Visiting town of power spot Palace of the Dragon King cave and foundation of a country Shimoda of R course superb view!

It is very convenient course that can make a round trip of tourist attraction of Shimoda before check-in.

Service period: All year (but except 7/16-8/31)
J course
J course "gregariousness is number one in Japan! 3 million hydrangea "and land, seas are empty and rotate! Whole Shimoda enjoyment

Beautiful hydrangea is naradehadesu at this time. Please fully admire flower full of tastes of the real Japan in the town to be fragrant, and to drift of history.

Service period: 6/1-6/30
Visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus S course
"And the land, the sea which they bloom, and only S course" 3 million do not guess are empty and rotate! Whole Shimoda enjoyment

You can see the sights of history and nature of Shimoda including Tumekizaki walk to be known as visiting ports pleasure boat, warren that we do not guess.

Service period: 12/20-2/9
Visiting Shimoda famous places sight-seeing bus T course
Early-blooming cherry blossoms "and land, sea of T course" Minamiizu are empty and rotate! Whole Shimoda enjoyment

It is course that can admire popular early-blooming "cherry blossoms" with bloom while following history romance.

Service period: 2/10-3/10

Visiting Izu sight-seeing bus

Ready-made decoration course of "Izu of the early spring" Kawazuzakura and young bird
Ready-made decoration of A-21 course "Izu of the early spring" Kawazuzakura and young bird

Kawazuzakura Festival reaching the 30th in this year.
Anion is plentiful! mei* "Joren no Taki" of Izu.
Popular course for a limited time over ready-made decoration "of" young bird to color gorgeously!

Service period: 2020/Monday, February 10 - 2020/Tuesday, March 10

Advantageous set percent


Course combination Division Set percent sale rate Normal rate
Morning course + afternoon course
K + R Adult 5,230 yen 5,530 yen
Dwarf 2,640 yen 2,790 yen
J + R Adult 5,000 yen 5,300 yen
Dwarf 2,520 yen 2,670 yen
S + R Adult 4,710 yen 5,010 yen
Dwarf 2,340 yen 2,490 yen
T + R Adult 4,690 yen 4,990 yen
Dwarf 2,310 yen 2,460 yen

Application for set percent becomes reception desk only by telephone reservation.
Application: 0558-22-2514 Tokai bus Shimoda Office

※When we have you propose "morning course" and "afternoon course" in the case of making a reservation at the same time, set discount is applied.
※Even if the course use day of the afternoon is different from the morning, set discount is applied.

Periodical sightseeing bus leaflet downloading

Periodical sightseeing Downloading this (9,900KB)PDF file

Platform guidance

Atami station square platform
Ito station square platform
Izu Kogen station square platform

Atagawa Onsen
Shimoda station square platform

Information for ride, reservation

  1. All courses need reservations. Making a reservation apply for over telephone or travel agency of neighborhood or each following Tokai bus bureau through the front desks.
  2. We receive seat reservation vote in ride place, and A course, please take. I can hand seat reservation vote in each bureau in front of Atami station square, Ito station square, Shimoda Station from 15:00 on the day before. On the day I hand in other rides place.
  3. As arrival may be late for holiday, the summer by road circumstances such as traffic jams for season, New Year holidays, take room enough for connect time when you change on designated train.
  4. We may change some courses by traffic condition of temporary closure of facility and wild weather.
  5. As for A course, seat reservation system, J K R S T N course becomes seat capacity system.
  6. Ask the following Tokai bus field bureau about local inquiry.
  7. General riding together passenger car transport business conditions of carriage of Tokai bus are applied to periodical sightseeing bus course.

The Tokai bus field information desk

Atami 0557-85-0381 Mishima 055-975-0196
Kawazu 0558-34-0321 Ito 0557-37-5121
Matsuzaki 0558-42-1190 Shimoda 0558-22-2511
Shuzenji 0558-72-1841 Numazu

※ Security alert indication is made concerning SSL about reservation page.
You think that indication changes by browser, but, "yes", you push button, and please input than reservation form.
When page cannot show well, we accept making a reservation after inquiry over telephone.