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Original product guidance

Tokai bus original mini-bus stop

Tokai bus original mini-bus stop  

It was to miniature of size name board which stimulated setting in each Tokai bus area about 1/6 bus stop of circular type.
As we can put letter you like in the middle section of name board to nine characters and can further choose company name of the name board lower berth among eight kinds, we can make original bus stop only for oneself!

Hot water - play - bus new model vehicle "Aya" design folding fan

Hot water - play - bus new model vehicle "Aya" design folding fan  

It is original folding fan which took in design of visiting famous places hot water - play - bus new model vehicle "Aya" in Atami City which made its debut on April 1, 2020. Not only design of the body but also design in the car becomes folding fan with "Aya" in spite of being the harvest, calm hue.

The Tokai bus original Tomica third

The Tokai bus original Tomica third  

The third of Tokai bus original Tomica which started sale from October 19, 2019! This model vehicle is "product made in Isuzu Corporation new model Elgar" operating main lines in Tokai bus Ito Office.

New Chinese citron (new summer orange) chu Umeera! Light

Umeera light  

"Umeera! We started development as sisters product of "shinkamitsukanchu Umeera!" which had many people drink light habitually as specialties of Izu. "shinkamitsukanchu Umeera!" But, for being product reflecting the image of alcohol percentage 25 degrees, real shochu characterized by "sharp neat taste" "Umeera! We prepared light in alcohol percentage 10 degrees, "sweet liqueur" that refreshing flavor and acidity of orange also spread in new summer. Please have with straight or on the rocks.

The bus collection scale model original bus set II made in Tomytec Corporation

1/150 the bus collection scale model Tokai Jidosha original bus set II made in Tomytec Corporation  

It will release "Tokai Jidosha original bus set II" of product made in Tomytec Corporation "1/150 the bus collection scale model" with a limitation of 6,000 sets from Saturday, October 21, 2017. Because the bus collection "Tokai Jidosha original bus set" which we sold in 2014 was popular at all with customers as for this product, it was produced plan, and will sell with two set of vehicle (erugamio made in Isuzu Corporation) of route bus type and vehicle (Aero Ace made in Mitsubishi Fuso Corporation) of highway bus type this time.

Small Gelateria sale of Izu

Small Gelateria of Izu  

It is orange taste gelato in new summer characterized by becoming conspicuous using orange in milk of Izu and new summer.

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Yumechan basutesshukesu sale

Yumechan tissue  

It is tissue case which assumed lapping bus "Yumechan bus" produced in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation motif.
Tokai bus original character "Yumechan" which had eminent scholar, Mr. Shuichi Seki of Japan animation world that many characters were brought about including TV character of animation "world masterpiece Theater" by the world deal with this "Yumechan bus" is wrapped bus.

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Visiting famous places hot water - play - bus tissue case in Atami City

Hot water - play bus tissue case  

Popular bus "famous spot circulation hot water - play - bus that many pretty pictures were designed by the yellow body in Atami City" became tissue case.

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Go over Amagi; Amagisan Zuido roll

Amagisan Zuido roll  

"Amagisan Zuido roll" which is our original product is fresh cream and something premium swiss roll which we wrapped up with moist dough kindly softly.

shinkamitsukanchu Umeera!


"New Chinese citron (new summer orange) chu Umeera!" which pursued "sharp clear taste" "refreshing flavor" Using "Izu deep-ocean water" that we broke this liquor developed with feelings by Izu in particular let alone using orange in new summer made specially in Izu, and water was drawn from the deep sea of Japan deepest 800m We go down. In addition, develop ten thousand University brewing and cooperation that are the only sake brewery in Izu, "Umeera!" of brand name This is dialect of Izu of meaning, "we are good". It is original product which had feelings toward Izu thoroughly.

shinkamitsukanchu Umeera!
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"Izu Crorus" X Tokai bus "basukan"

Izu Crorus  

New summer orange taste that we cooperated with confectionery "Sumiyoshi-ya" of Atami City and developed as our original product. Rusk of texture that is mild using fresh butter of local Tanna in original rusk using croissant quickly. It is souvenir only by Izu who put croissant rusk of orange taste in the can which designed route bus of "Tokai bus" which continues running in Izu Peninsula in new summer.

As souvenir of Izu "basukan"

Use of camellia wain chamber Yamasan camellia

Camellia wain nouveau  

"Ito Komuroyama Park camellia Land" proud of Nihonichi with size of scale, type, tree. We dip into white wine which brewed flower of "camellia" which we gathered from 1,000 kinds, camellia of 4,000 blooming here carefully one by one by hand from grape and are wine which extracted extract from petal.
We breathe clear air of Izu abundantly and we smell camellia and, by camellia and pollen, honey that lot was exposed to solar light, feature slightly sweet sharp taste faintly.

Camellia wain nouveau
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