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Event information of Izu

Event MAP

 Event is held throughout the year at each site in Izu in Izu Peninsula. We check here, and let's enjoy event of Izu.

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List of event information
 Toi Kanayama, New Year New Year's present present
 The first sunrise of a new year, New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine spot
 Ito Onsen unreasonable city

 Ready-made decoration Festival of young bird
 Omuro mountain range grill
 Koibito Misaki Valentine special
 Koibito Misaki white day special
 Good luck festival
 Ladling hot water type
 Small Muroyama azalea Festival
 Clogs marathon
 Izu Kogen bamboo shoot village
 Kurofune Festival
 Sukechika Ito Festival
 Hydrangea Festival
 dontsuku Festival
 Firefly admiration society of various places throughout Izu
 Dogashima fire Festival
 It is opened Cape Iro-zaki Lighthouse to the public
 Matsukawa, Ito tub riding competition
 Fireworks information of various places throughout Izu
 Fireworks information of various places throughout Izu
 Fireworks display marine in toy summer festival
 Akinori temple god of the toilet Festival
 Atami performance Festival
 Head eight Festival
 Ito Ota comfort
 Tiger dance of small rice
 Ito Onsen flower umbrella dance
 Fire festival
 Forest Festival of craft
 Fall Atami sea fireworks display
 Yugano Onsen dance girl Festival
 Amagi maple Festival
 We pile up buttocks and worship
 Clogs memorial service festival
 Ema strawberry picking
 Festival of Ajiro string
 Forgetting the year's trouble Atami sea fireworks display
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