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Information for bus ride

How to see the bus stop "How to use "Tokai bus" bus stops."

Outside form, route map is posted on bus stop at name, the time of company name, bus stop.

The name of bus company, bus stop, timetable, and route map are posted on each bus Stop.


Timetable becomes destination distinction. Please confirm destination and the time.

The timetable is displayed depending on destination. Please confirm your destination and operating time.


When signs such as "勤" ・"※ are listed "学" beside each time of timetable,
Please confirm contents of sign in "the remarks column" in timetable block copy.

When signs such as "学" "勤" "※" are indicated below the timetable, please confirm the contents in the box of "remarks" sign.
FYI, "学" means "the bus is operated on school days only" "勤" means "the bus is operated on weekdays only"


When you do not know the present location when you do not know the destination, please confirm by route map under timetable.

When you would like to know your destination and present location, please confirm the route map under the timetable.(Sorry, Japanese only)
※Now we are under modifying to add English description.


We can confirm timetable of various quarters on the Tokai bus information desk, Tokai bus homepage.
You can confirm the timetable on a "Tokai bus" homepage.(Sorry, Japanese only)

※Please feel free to contact if you have any questions as there is different thing of shape, viewpoint depending on bus stop
The statue of our bus stop is not unified. In case the shape of bus stop you use is not same as this example, please feel free to contact us.

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Information for bus ride How to use "Tokai Bus"

How to get on buses seems to include various rules by company, area.
We introduce right how to get on Tokai buses here.
We use route bus well, and let's start on pleasant trip!

We take from door in front.

Please board the bus through the front door.

Fare is deferred payment. Take rearranging ticket on ride.
Even in the case of ride from the first train, ride by various free passes, take rearranging ticket.

Please get the number-printed ticket from the vending machine next to the driver even if you board from the first busstop or are any kind of free pass holder.The fare is paid when exiting the bus.

③If there is vacant seat, have a seat. In the case of standing room, please hold onto strap.

Please take a seat or hold on a strap after the bus starts moving to avoid an accident.

Rearranging ticket number and fare are displayed by fare monitor in the front. Fare may have you ask the window staff, driver beforehand.
We will tell about bus stop guidance by sound.

The fare of our bus is proportional to the distance traveled(not flat). To find your fare, match the number on your ticket with the one on the fare indicator hung above the windshield.

As change is not over fare, please exchange money with changemaker of fare box.
Ten-thousand yen bill, five thousand yen bill, two thousand yen bill cannot exchange money. Please offer small change beforehand. (we would like exchange during bus stop)

Change maker does not accept high banknote such as ten-thousand yen bill, five-thousand yen bill, and two-thousand yen bill. Please bring small changes with you in advance.
(Please only change money when the bus is not moving.)

If there is information for destination bus stop, please push getting off button of neighborhood.

Please push the button after announcement of the stop you intend to get off.

Please classify fare into fare box with rearranging ticket. In the case of the use, show free pass, commuter pass to crew clearly.

Please drop the fare with the number-printed ticket into the clear receptacle on top of the machine.
If you are a free pass holder and the stop is in the valid area of your pass, please show it to the driver.

We go down from door in front.

Please exit the bus through the front door.

(notice matter)
※ You cannot use IC cards such as PASMO (PASMO), Suica.
※ After using free pass; cannot refund.

※ Any electronic money card is not acceptable.
※ Free pass is not reimbursable after used.

Thank you. In addition, please use Tokai bus.

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