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Advantageous advantageous bus pack

We see on map

Atami, Ito area Kawazu, Shimoda area Numazu, Mishima area Nishi-Izu, Shuzenji area
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List of bus packs

Atami, Ito
Kawazu, Shimoda
Nishi-Izu, Shuzenji
Numazu, Mishima
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1. Please choose bus pack which you want to use publishing in brochure.
2. In Tokai bus bureau becoming the departure place nearest, please purchase bus pack of use hope.
3. In conformity to bus pack of use hope, please receive "bus ticket" + "facility use ticket" or "set ticket that bus ticket was bundled with facility rate". On this occasion petit profit! When contents are set, in total petit profit! Please receive ticket.
4. Access to target facility, please use route bus of convenient time of customer.
5. Petit profit! Profit petit in facility target about bus pack which contents are set! Have confirm contents, profit petit on the use! Hand ticket.
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We may not do refund after the purchase.
Bus may be delayed by traffic condition and the weather situation. Please inquire for the service situation to Tokai bus.
There is no guidance such as bus guides. Please confirm in you on business hours or regular holiday of facility.
There is expiration date about bus ticket of bus pack. In the case of the purchase, please confirm.
As for adult of this brochure notation, dwarf becomes primary schoolchild more than junior high student. Please refer to window for child less than primary schoolchild.
Contents of publication are things as of April 1, 2017.
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