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Tokai bus Museum We introduce rare event that happened during the Tokai bus Museum Tokai bus 90 rest of life, line, commemorative ticket that there is little service number, uniform of bus guide.
Record of carryall "of" Izu whom Hibari Misora sings
History of Tokai bus
We introduce history of our 90 remainders year with photograph of bus.

Material corner
We introduce information about Tokai bath.

Tokai bus march about
History of uniform of guide
Old timetable talks
Commemorative ticket color color
Material which was sleeping in warehouse
Oh, I am Tokai bus 2002 of youth
We introduce direction curtain
Direction curtain 1 of Minamiizu
Direction curtain 2 of Minamiizu
Direction curtain 3 of Minamiizu
Direction curtain 1 of Shuzenji
Direction curtain 2 of Shuzenji
Direction curtain 3 of Shuzenji
Know more! Tokai bus
We introduce line with a little service number and strange bus stop.
Let's go to interesting bus stop to meet
Interesting bus which runs in Izu
Let's go on a trip by route bus
It is driver feeling only a little
Vehicle expectation quiz
Bus which works