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Love live! Sunshine!

Tie-up product is this
The service situation

With the service reopening of Mishima express, we restarted service of lapping bus ④ car from Saturday, July 4.

As it becomes service with temporary diamond, please confirm the service time than the details of lapping bus the fourth car.

On Thursday, July 9, ④ car will be suspended for vehicle check. (it will travel by general vehicle.)

④ car runs with temporary diamond today.

①About the service time of issue car -③ car, we will restart exhibition in a few days.

※Delay of bus by traffic jam is not included in the service situation mentioned above.

"Love live! It is about sunshine

"Love live! Sunshine! It is story that "holds dream to become "school idol" to heap up high school where nine girls were on the verge of integration and abolition and stands up. TV animation two sittings were broadcasted in TOKYO MX from October, 2017 for TV animation one quarter from July, 2016, and the completely latest theater version animation was released in movie theaters of the whole country from January 4, 2019. Many fans visit "pilgrimage to the Holy Land" by popular animation in stage and Numazu-shi, Shizuoka where it is in not only Japan but also foreign countries, and the work product is work contributing to regional activation. In addition, our route bus comes up during drama of animation because our route bus service area becomes stage.

Under lapping bus popular service!

Lapping bus the fourth car

Lapping bus
It is this about lapping bus the fourth car

Lapping bus the third car "AZALEA" is in charge of announcement in the car!

Lapping bus
It is this about lapping bus the third car

Lapping bus the second car "CYaRon!" But, we are in charge of announcement in the car!

Lapping bus
It is this about lapping bus the second car

Lapping bus the first car "Guilty Kiss" is in charge of announcement in the car!

Lapping bus
It is this about lapping bus the first car

We are carrying out announcement in the car!

"Love live! Member of "Aqours" is in charge of lapping bus the first car, the second car, the inside of car announcement of the third car to share him to three product units sunshine in the no stage and the Numazu City Uchiura district where it is.

Announcement conduct section

 "Numazu Station" of Nishiura Line ... "market town 1" stop,
     "Fish farming center" stop ... "Kisho Nokyo" stop

Announcement conduct vehicle April 1, 2020 ...

①Lapping bus the first car
 <announcement charge unit in the car>
 Guilty Kiss
  Riko Sakurauchi (CV. aidennashikoko)
  Yoshiko Tsushima (CV. Aika Kobayashi)
  Mari Ohara (CV. Aina Suzuki)

②Lapping bus the second car
 <announcement charge unit in the car>
  Chika Takami (CV. Aki Iha)
  Yo Watanabe (CV. Shuka Saito)
  Kurosawa rubii (CV. Ai Furihata)  

③Lapping bus the third car
 <announcement charge unit in the car>
  Kana Matsuura (CV. Suwa we do not let you cry)
  Kurosawa diamond (CV. Arisa Komiya)
  Hanamaru Kunikida (we do not spend CV. Takatsuki kana)  

※Lapping bus that each unit is in charge of announcement in the car is going to be replaced using three months as an indication. On change, we will tell on homepage of Tokai bus.

In case of shooting, the use is careful

  • Please note that service diamond may be changed out of necessity.
  • Please note that there is day not to travel by car inspection check.
  • We fill road and photograph and, not to make any disturbing service of bus, hope.
  • Please stop holding out camera to other customers, and photographing.
  • As other customers are used, please look after manner in the inside of car.
  • We hope that it travels seat during bus run for accident prevention in the car and does not stand up.
Lapping bus service company Tokai bus Numazu Office 055-935-6611

We ask all of you that Numazu City Uchiura district is seen the sights of

  • Numazu City Uchiura district has house and school. We follow manner rule, and let's enjoy.
  • I would like cooperation for the use of public transport.

Under Numazu-cho walk stamp setting!

◆Setting place◆
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Address: 1-1-3, Otemachi, Numazu-shi Numazu quotients Building 1F
Business hours: Weekdays 9:30-18:00 Saturday 9:30-17:00
Regular holiday :Sundays and holidays, 12/30-1/3

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