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Lapping bus is this Tie-up product is this
The service situation

It travels according to each vehicle normal today.

※Delay of bus by traffic jam is not included in the service situation mentioned above.

"Love live! Is sunshine toha?

"Love live! Sunshine! It was story that "held dream to become" school idol "so that nine girls mainly on song of high old stager heaped up high school and stood up and was broadcasted in Shizuoka Hoso (SBS) others from July, 2016. Because work product is work which is popular in not only Japan but also foreign countries, and it is the stage Numazu-shi cove district, and route bus of Tokai bus orange shuttle travels in the district, "does your heart shine PV of among products and the animation?" In this, route bus of Tokai bus orange shuttle comes up.

"Love live! Sunshine! "Lapping bus third unit (the third car) service start!

"Love live! Sunshine, in commemoration of "holding of rial escape game "escape from aquarium of solitary island" in broadcast & bubble island Marine Park of no TV animation, travel with the third unit (the third car) of lapping bus from Saturday, November 18. Nine members of Aqours in "clothes like detective" usually different in gangs are drawn on the body. As decoration is given, the inside of car sees new lapping bus by all means and has you take, and please enjoy decoration in the car in total.
Lapping bus third unit (the third car) service period It is undecided during - end period on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Service day hatsuji The time Destination
Daily life service Numazu Station 11:25 Tree minus number agricultural cooperative
13:55 Tree minus number agricultural cooperative
16:10 Shrine, Shimokanuki circulation of tree
17:00 Numazu commercial high school
Tree minus number agricultural cooperative 12:21 Numazu Station
14:51 Numazu Station
It travels only on weekdays Numazu Station 7:25 Ganyuudo circulation
8:03 MEIDENSHA (in the case of MEIDENSHA holiday, we are suspended)
9:20 Ohira
18:40 Warm water pool
Shiomitsu 6:54 Numazu Station
Ohira 10:00 Numazu Station
It travels only on Saturday Warm water pool 6:16 Numazu Station
Numazu Station 7:05 Mishima Station via Kakita wholesale housing complex
Mishima Station 8:08 Ohira garage
Ohira garage 8:51 Mishima Station
Mishima Station 9:35 Numazu Station via Kakita
It travels only on Sundays and holidays Numazu Station 9:00 Mishima Station via old road
19:10 Warm water pool
Warm water pool 8:31 Numazu Station
Mishima Station 9:50 Numazu Station via old road
Weekdays, Sundays and holidays service Ohira garage 17:53 Numazu Station

This "is love live! Sunshine goes by way of the no stage and cove district where it was.

Lapping design third unit (the third car) design
Lapping bus
▲The driving lane side (towards line right side surface)

Lapping bus
▲The getting on and off mouth side (towards line the left side surface)

Lapping bus
▲The bus back
※※Design is image.

About lapping bus the second car

Lapping bus

It is this about lapping bus the second car

About lapping bus the first car

Lapping bus

It is this about lapping bus the first car

In case of shooting, the use is careful

・Please note that service diamond may be changed out of necessity.
・Please note that there is day not to travel by car inspection check.
・We fill road and photograph and, not to make any disturbing service of bus, hope.
・Please stop pointing camera to other customers, and photographing.
・As other customers are used, please look after manner in the inside of car.
・We hope that it travels seat during bus run for accident prevention in the car and does not stand up.
Lapping bus service company Tokai bus orange shuttle 055-935-6611

We are carrying out announcement in the car!

Character mark
"Love live! Aki Iha (the part of song of Aqours, high old stager) announces the inside of car of Tokai bus sunshine in the no stage and cove district where it is.

Announcement conduct section Cove district (Nishiura Line)
※Enforcement "love live! Sunshine! It becomes only "lapping bus.

We ask all of you that Numazu-shi cove district is seen the sights of

・Numazu-shi cove district has house and school. We follow manner rule, and let's enjoy.
・I would like cooperation for the use of public transport.

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"Izu, three Tsu Sea Paradise" pack
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