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Izu enjoyment course out of visiting Izu famous places sight-seeing bus out of N

Middle Izu enjoyment Middle Izu enjoyment Middle Izu enjoyment

About the date and time, rate

Service period

 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (29th in total) of from Saturday, January 5, 2019 to Sunday, March 31

Rate Adult: 6,900 yen / junior and senior high school students: 6,400 yen / child: 4,140 yen
(we include bus fare + lunch charges + strawberry picking charges +3 island skywalk admission)

※Infant (3 years old or older) 1,350 yen (incidental rate of lunch charges, strawberry picking charges. Please pay this rate directly at facility window.)
Train time 10:30 (from Ito Station), 11:15 (from Shuzenji Station)

Periodical sightseeing title
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Viewpoint of mark

There is taxi plan
It is with meal
With admission charges
(we remove free thyme)

Free thyme

Free thyme
Discount existence

Taxi plan

It is with meal

Platform guidance

Ito Station (getting on and off place)
※Ito Station ③ turn platform
Ito station square platform
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Information for ride, reservation

1. All courses need reservations. Reservation apply for over telephone or travel agency of neighborhood or each following Tokai bus bureau through the front desks.
2. We receive seat reservation vote in ride place, and A course, please take. I can hand seat reservation vote the day before in each bureau in front of Atami station square, Ito station square, Shimoda Station from 15:00. On the day I hand in other rides place.
3. As arrival may be late for holiday, the summer by road circumstances such as traffic jams for season, the year-end and New Year holidays, take room enough for connect time when you change on designation train.
4. We may change some courses to temporariness of facility by traffic condition of suspension of business and wild weather.
5. As for A course, seat reservation system, J K R S T N course becomes seat capacity system.
6. Ask the following Tokai bus group field bureau about local inquiry.
7. Public riding together passenger car transport business conditions of carriage of Tokai, Izu bus, Tokai, Minamiizu bus, SHINTO sea bus are applied to periodical sightseeing bus course.

The Tokai bus group field information desk

Atami 0557-85-0381 Mishima 055-975-0196
Kawazu 0558-34-0321 Ito 0557-37-5121
Matsuzaki 0558-42-1190 Shimoda 0558-22-2511
Shuzenji 0558-72-1841 Numazu 055-963-5221

※Security alert indication is made concerning SSL about reservation page.
You think that indication changes by browser, but, "yes," you push button, and please input than reservation form.
When page cannot show well, we make reservation after inquiry over telephone.
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