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Bus location service of Tokai bus, it became easy to use!

We appreciate your usually using Tokai bus more.
Approach, positional information of bus which by reading QR code that our company was going to pass bus stop from April 1, 2020, and was listed in timetable with your smartphones, left for bus stop to be just started service that it was revealed newly.

※Downloading of application is necessary about "PINA" identifying map.


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※Browser recommends Google Chome.

Application general QR cord
Correspondence common throughout iPhone, Android

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FAQs (Q&A)

1 What is it that is identified in "mokuiku?"

A 1 Fare, timetable search of route bus is possible in "mokuiku" and can confirm approach information of bus, too. In addition, we can confirm positional information of bus on map in conjunction with bus location system "PINA" (pina).

2 Where can you see "mokuiku" from?

A 2 Please click "mokuiku" from top page of our homepage.

3 Is application of "mokuiku" charged?

A 3 Downloading of application is free. Communication fee that the use costs separately of customer burden.

4 We want to search in "mokuiku", but do not know bus stop name.

A 4 We can search from facility name and map, the present location. Bus stop around the destination understands that we appoint destination and search.

5 We searched in "mokuiku", but approach, positional information of bus is not displayed definitely.

A 5 Approach, positional information of bus may not be shown tunnel or the mountains definitely in bad section of the electric wave situation. In addition, we may not be displayed definitely by trouble of in-vehicle apparatus. Please turn on GPS on the use by application.

6 "We liked" and registered screen to look at well with "bookmark", but were not able to access.

A 6 On account of the system, URL of connection may be changed. Sorry for your inconvenience, but with the top screen "like", and I would like registration to "bookmark".

"mokuiku" precautions

  1. By traffic condition or operation environment of system, it may be different from real information.
  2. About the damage that occurred by judgment of customer based on information in our site, please note that we cannot take any responsibility.
  3. Communication fee that contents of our site are offered free, but hang over this of customer burden.
  4. Our site may do change, stop without notice by the contents.
  5. We do not guarantee thing corresponding to all smartphones and PC. We may not be displayed with some models definitely.
  6. We forbid that we change reproduction, thing and appearance to copy without permission and place information about our site firmly.
  7. There is line that some services become not intended for. After understanding, please use beforehand. In addition, we add sequentially.

  8. Inquiry about "mokuiku"
    Tokai Jidosha bus Planning Department
    TEL: 0557-36-1114